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A Fairy Named Mollie

Once upon a time, I was hiking up a mountain in Griffith Park and to my surprise, came across a beautiful pregnant fairy. She stood thereView full post »



Travis Peery.  What a guy.  An amazing singer/musician with so much talent, but you would never know upon meeting him. He’s humbleView full post »

The Beauty of Doing Nothing + Mexico

I took a trip to Italy four years ago and one of the beautiful sayings they have there is “la bellezza di non fare nulla,” theView full post »

Matt & Elyse | A Proposal Story

This is a (not so short) story of a gem of a man named, Matt.  He has a passion for music, the outdoors, good food and whiskey.  He oftenView full post »

Sailing Through the 4th

My friends and I thought it would be great to spend the 4th of July sailing in San Francisco and watch the fireworks from the boat.  It allView full post »

why I don't want to settle down with someone

Why I Don’t Want To Settle Down With Someone

I’ve  always tried to keep this blog as honest and organic as possible so in light of that, I wanted to share what I’veView full post »

Friendship in your 30s

Friendship in your 30s + a Dance Party

October was crazy with work and planning new shoots so adding travel to the mix was a little stressful, but very worth the stress.  If youView full post »

A Nod to Summer’s Ending + Photos from Cancun Mexico

Oh Summer.  It really IS all it’s cracked up to be.  Every spring I think to myself, this summer is going to be better than the lastView full post »

Wanderlust No More – For Now | San Francisco

I think the hardest thing about growing up is seeing your friends move away.  They are so much a part of your every day life for so longView full post »

Do What You Love and the Rest Will Follow

It’s fascinating to me how much a person’s life can seem so perfect on the internet.  Every photo is positive, bright and allView full post »