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Frenching with Liz // Part Two // London + Amsterdam

Oh hey!  Remember when I got on a plane and flew to Europe and had the best time ever?  That was only three months ago.  I know, it’sView full post »

Frenching with Liz // Part One // Paris

It feels wrong to be posting about my magical time in Europe in light of the sadness that is happening there right now. I almost didn’t,View full post »

Miss Lexi Riggs in Pennsylvania

I met Lexi at her sister’s wedding and I liked her style right away. She’s quiet and a little shy, but she loves to laugh.  IView full post »

Cali to Paris // Solo Travel

When I was 14 years old I became obsessed with two things.  Frank Sinatra and Parisian culture.  I poured over books on Frank and how heView full post »

A Fairy Named Mollie

Once upon a time, I was hiking up a mountain in Griffith Park and to my surprise, came across a beautiful pregnant fairy. She stood thereView full post »



Travis Peery.  What a guy.  An amazing singer/musician with so much talent, but you would never know upon meeting him. He’s humbleView full post »

The Beauty of Doing Nothing + Mexico

I took a trip to Italy four years ago and one of the beautiful sayings they have there is “la bellezza di non fare nulla,” theView full post »

Casual Fridays | Leather and Lace

Thank God it’s Friday.  Am I right?!  It’s been a long week, but I’m really looking forward to relaxing this weekend,View full post »

why I don't want to settle down with someone

Why I Don’t Want To Settle Down With Someone

I’ve  always tried to keep this blog as honest and organic as possible so in light of that, I wanted to share what I’veView full post »

Casual Fridays | Denim on Denim

I’ve always lived in denim, but lately I find myself wanting to wrap myself in it permanently.  A lot of travel has come my way so IView full post »

Evan Machado | The Nicest Beach Babe You’ve Ever Met

Evan is one of those guys who can literally talk about anything with you and you’ll no doubt be on your ass laughing the whole time. View full post »

Marissa Christiansen for Haute Deity

Ah, fashion.  It’s one of my favorite things and being hired to photograph it is always such a joy for me.  Marissa came to me someView full post »